It’s Official – Pyjamas are Best (most of the time)

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You will have seen many articles about pyjamas as daywear but now its official, pyjamas are best for wearing most of the time by most people. No less a source than Liberty’s department store has published a survey showing that 90 per cent of us are happy to wear pyjamas while relaxing at home. We also ordered some amazing organic cotton PJs for the kids recently which have been much loved as they are so comfy so look into those if you want the best PJs for your kids.

You may have seen Liberty featured on TV documentaries showing how it selects its upmarket fashion and home wear products. It has been around since 1875 on Regent Street in the heart of the West End London shopping district. Founded by Arthur Liberty who wanted to create the look of an Eastern Bazaar and determined to offer a new look for homeware and fashion. His collection of ornaments, fabric and objets d’art proved irresistible to Victorian society interested by Japan and the Orient. Anyway, they know a thing or two about customers’ habits.

Their research into 2000 customers also revealed that 14% said they change into their PJs as soon as they get in, before eating dinner, while 13% of women don’t see any problems heading to the shops in their nightwear. Conclusive proof that pyjamas are best for most occasions. Well not quite because another survey, this time from Gala Bingo, asked people what type of behaviour they found annoying. At number one is other people wearing pyjamas to the shops. Now Liberty and Gala probably have a different customer profile but could it be that pyjamas are best for the wearer but we don’t like to see other people slobbing about? Close behind in our list of pet hates in the survey are things we can all relate to: having an unhealthy obsession with reality TV (33 per cent), and excessive use of swear words in normal sentences (30 per cent).

Not surprisingly the older age group (aged 55+) are much more likely to be offended by routine swearing (45 per cent), wearing PJs outside (40 per cent) and letting reality TV take over (43 per cent). We do get grumpier as we get older. If you are not convinced that pyjamas are best, then try our Bumble adult onesie to go down the shops – sure to create quite a Buzz.