Some Burning questions for sleepwear users

Sleepwear users are you man enough for Cute Funzee

A couple of debates amongst sleepwear users rumble on. Firstly, from time to time we get someone taking offence at sexist kids wear. You know, why should boys wear be blue and have cars on whilst girls wear is typically pink with unicorns. This time it was Coronation Street actor Nicola Thorpe, who took offence at sleepwear sets from Lidl. The boy’s set has the words ‘be your own super hero’ on the chest but the girl’s set reads: ‘Daddy is my super hero.’ She tweeted ‘Oh hey Lidl, boys can be their own superhero but girls need their daddy? These pyjamas should be put to bed.’ Many of her twitter followers seemed to also take offence prompting Lidl to comment “Both of these pyjamas have been popular with customers and were certainly not designed to offend. Customer feedback is incredibly important to us and we will ensure that this is taken into consideration for future collections.” Lets just have plain grey. We have seen before a social media debate about whether it is acceptable for Mums to wear their sleepwear on the school run. The discussion was re-ignited amongst sleepwear users this week down in Australia. A heated discussion got under way on their morning breakfast show with some viewers saying it was unacceptable and people should have more self-respect, whilst others were more sympathetic to the lives of busy mums and argued it was silly to be offended by what other people wear. The subject had been triggered by a posting on Mumsnet where one contributor chimed in to dub women who nip out in their nightwear “minging, lazy and gross”, telling them to “get a grip”. Earlier this year one Mumsnetter found a good reason to be out in her pyjamas – as revenge on an inconsiderate teenage daughter. The teen had been out past the agreed time and expected her Mum to pick her up when convenient for her. “I decided to go fetch her there and then, in my fetching teddy bear pyjamas and zebra dressing gown,” the mum explained on social media. How about Dads who are sleepwear users and want to embarrass their offspring – try our Cute funzee with teddy bears on pink. It comes in men’s sizes too and is just £19.95.