Now there are pyjamas everywhere

pyjamas everywhere - celebrity pyjama party

There are pyjamas everywhere nowadays as people wear them out to get attention or fund raise. You may have read about the problems on Southern Railways as the RMT delights in trying to take on the government and customers get caught in the middle. Last week commuters gathered to protest at Lewes railway station in Sussex. They arrived in their nightwear to show solidarity with commuters and workers stuck on trains when their loves ones are at home. Commuters in their pyjamas enjoyed hot chocolate, songs and bedtime stories with homemade banners making it clear they have had enough of travel disruption.

If that’s too serious and to show there are stories about pyjamas everywhere, we can always rely on our friends down under to find a way of enjoying life. Leading Australian sleepwear brand Peter Alexander have just released a new patriotic theme to their clothing. The collection features everything, from a Vegemite themed onesie for women to Tim Tam emblazoned pyjamas. How about a British equivalent with a bulldog animal onesie and red double decker bus pyjamas?

Last week also saw pictures form the USA of Martha Stewart and Snoop Dog promoting a new TV show in their pyjamas.  It’s an unlikely pairing but their new show, working title Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, announced last month, is set to start in the autumn. For the first episode of the new show it looks like they invited DJ Khaled and Robin Thicke to a pyjama party. Snoop showed off his velour onesie while Ms Stewart opted for classic pyjamas.

Not to be outdone in the pyjama story stakes, Scotland reported on Fiona Gordon who has seven Maltese terriers with a massive pet wardrobe between them. Fiona explained what’s in their canine collection, “From shirts and jumpers, to coats and pyjamas, to hand-made Christmas dresses, made to size and sent over from America. Plus, of course, a new Halloween costume each year.” So you see there really are onesies and pyjamas everywhere this year.