Going out in your pyjamas in public – embarrassing?

pyjamas in public

The debate about whether pyjamas in public are appropriate has continued all summer as some people have taken the pyjama fashion trend a bit too far. The Birmingham Mail decided to poll its readers to see what they thought. And now the results are in. Responses from those answering the survey question reveal that 79 per cent of people are against wearing pyjamas in public. Only 21% thought there is no need for embarrassment if you wear your pjs out around town. Facebook comments included: “No excuse whatsoever. Have a bit of pride and put your clothes on. Pjs are for lounging and sleeping.”and “5.15 last night I walked out of Morrisons as a woman was walking in with her 3 kids and she was wearing a dressing gown and slippers, but no pj bottoms and the dressing gown was one of the short ones too!!! No shame!!!”

Of course there are occasions when pyjamas in public are quite acceptable. Another attempt at the World Record for the largest number of people wearing pyjamas in one place is planned. The event is being organised for Friday, December 9 by a group hoping to Save Our Beds at the local hospital in Maryport, Cumbria. They will need more than 1,800 people to beat the record so are appealing to the general public, schools and local employers. Full details are expected to be announced once everything is confirmed with the record keepers as getting a Guinness World Record like this takes planning, funding and lots of pyjamas in public.

With more people working from home maybe pyjamas can become the new accepted work attire for homeworkers. So with pjs becoming the best ensemble to go shopping in or out partying late at night expect to see more pyjamas in public. Six years ago we wrote a tongue in cheek piece entitled “One day we will all be wearing pyjamas.” Welcome to the future and next onesies will take over from pyjamas as the all-day garment of choice.