Fleece or Cotton Onesie – which is best?

Adult Onesie Wizard Style

We often get asked what the best to buy is, and of course the answer ….it depends. The first thing is to understand what fleece is because many different fabric types are described as fleece. We use polar fleece and we have written a short article about the advantages of polar fleece . In summary, polar fleece lasts well and has great thermal properties. We will shortly publish an article which looks in more detail at the benefits of cotton, but most would say cotton is better for sleepwear as it is a natural, breathable fabric. So watch out for cheap polyester onesies, check what fabric your onesie is made from, and think what you are going to use your onesie for. For example if you are going camping or to an outdoor event, fleece may be right. If you want it for sleeping in, or for wearing to that summer festival then you need cotton. The Funzee range offers a choice of quality fleece or 100% cotton.