City workers need more formal Adult Onesie

Blue Retro - Adult Onesie

This week’s guest publication is metalbulletin (seriously). On May15th 2014 they reported that City traders and been working through the night, some in their pyjamas, to take advantage of wild swings in the price of Nickel… “European traders were putting orders through in the middle of the night, taking advantage of wild overnight price swings.  Nickel fell more than $2,500 per tonne after Wednesday’s official settlement, on a wave of selling that began as China’s markets opened at 09:00 local time, 02:00 in London.  “There must be some bleary eyes at the trading desks this morning. They’ll have done a day’s work.” 

So what sort of adult onesie would a smart city trader need in his briefcase for just such emergencies? How about this Blue Retro look, or should we design a pinstripe funzee complete with matching tie? Maybe we could do a deal with Goldman Sachs to produce an official company funzee.