Our Adult Onesie tribute to Game of Thrones

Winter is Coming - Adult Onesie

Of course we are “Game of Thrones” fans. We have read all the books written so far and have watched all the series televised so far. We know that Winterfell is actually filmed in Northern Ireland, that Kings Landing is actually Dubrovnik and that John Snow’s adventures are actually filmed in Iceland. That’s why we created our “Winter is Coming” adult onesie. Its all in black just like the men of the Night Watch wear. Its soft polar fleece and hooded to keep you extra warm as you watch the White Walkers beyond the Wall. Embroidered on the pocket is “Winter is Coming”, the prophetic warning from house Stark. Some readers won’t have a clue what any of this means but for those in the know, here is a tip to help you work out how the series is going to end. Remember the books are actually called “A Song of Ice and Fire”, and I think we know where the Ice and Fire will come from in the final battle.