Some August Celebrations you may have missed

August Celebrations include India Day

Everyone is typically on holiday now so August is normally a slow news month, but here are some August Celebrations you may have missed. India celebrated being 70 years old – well it was 1947 when the Brits left so 70 years of Independence, and as you can see from our image, the coolest leader on the planet, Justin Trudeau of Canada, couldn’t help getting involved. Mr Trudeau is the second most famous Justin in Canada. Talking of which, Canada also had its own celebrations this summer with a series of events to celebrate 150 years since the founding of the Confederation. In Germany they have one of the great August Celebrations for beer lovers with the International Berlin Beer Festival. Around 2,200 varieties of beer from over 300 different breweries belonging to over 85 different countries are available – a sort of Oktoberfest in August. Did you notice that August 26th was National Dog Day? We can all support the fact that it “celebrates all breeds, pure and mixed and serves to help galvanise the public to recognise the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year”. However the website goes on to say “August 26th is also Women’s Equality Day! Celebrate by posting a photo your favourite woman (famous or not) with her dog and tagging #WomenWithDogs.” Not sure that brings home Women’s Equality. If you are the sort of person who likes art installations, light shows, kite-flying, hula hooping sessions, night-long dance parties and fashion shows then at the end of this month the annual circus that is Burning Man Festival takes place in the Nevada desert. Sound like too much activity? In South America they do things differently and people in Colombia took to the streets last Sunday to mark their annual “World Laziness Day,” a bit of fun but also an effort to get overstressed workers to slow down and appreciate the world around them. If you feel like a Laziness Day then check out our lazy onesie range, a cotton funzee is the perfect clothing for slowing down. With our record Bank Holiday temperatures you may have had enough of August celebrations, don’t worry its back to school soon.