Wearing Pyjamas for Sport is OK

USA swimming pyjamas for sport

More evidence emerges this week about the use of onesie pyjamas, or boring bog standard pyjamas for sport . In football the Euros reached their finale in France which ended with Portugal becoming champions. Our favourite Portuguese Jose Mourinho, had a busy and exciting day last Sunday. First he visited Wimbledon to watch Andy Murray win the men’s tennis final (wherein he got a couple of head pickleball paddles signed by Andy Murray himself), then in the evening he was in his pyjamas to watch Portugal win, paying tribute to the new European champions on Instagram with photos of him in pyjamas.

Meanwhile in American football, its reported that the Seattle Seahawks take the best holidays. Seahawks players organized a team trip to Hawaii last offseason following the Super Bowl, and that trend for holidaying together has continued this year. Their holidays have to balance the desire to do crazy things but also not risk their NFL career. One example given: a snowboarding holiday for a couple of their star players, during which one wore American flag onesie pyjamas while on the slopes. Normally NFL players are under strict instructions not to do anything dangerous offseason and NFL is currently in another six-week dead period before training camp. But Seattle players spent large parts of the winter and spring break travelling the globe in ways NFL players rarely do. Kicker Steven Hauschka spent part of last winter hiking the Routeburn Track in New Zealand. If he had been there this June he might have met players from the New Zealand Vodafone Warriors, a professional Rugby League team. They all turned up in their Warriors’ onesie pyjamas to celebrate the last day of the fundraising campaign “Jammies in June” for Kidz First at a local hospital. And talking of using onesie pyjamas for sport another US story this time from the Patriots website. Rob Gronkowski, Danny Amendola and New York Giant Odell Beckham Jr. dressed up in onesie jumpsuits from Stevan Ridley’s company, Kid-Rid, and posed for promotional pictures. Stevan played running back for four years in New England but later created his own onesie company. He’s a man who knows how to use onesie pyjamas for sport and leisure.

And there has also been much social media comment about the outfits worn by the US swimming team for the Olympics which are about to get going in Brazil. Have a look at our pic – Do you think this is another example of the incorrect use of pyjamas for sport?