True Animal Onesies for Dogs

Big Onesie News from Crufts Dog Show

Normally its true animal onesies are those amusing one piece costumes you know and love, that offer you the chance to go to bed looking like your favourite animal – rabbit, giraffe, frog etc. However, you may recall a report last year from Wales Online that a company had started to produce Onesies for Horses. They were created for horses irritated by insect bites. Now we here of a company in Scotland producing onesies for dogs, in the Seattle, WA area. Aileen Perry started K9 Clean Coats to keep her cocker spaniel warm and dry. She now supplies these dog animal onesies internationally with tartan designs being a particular favourite.

According to their website “These dog onesies are made-to-measure dog suits that keep all breeds of dog clean & dry when you are forced to walk them in the wet & mud. Short-coated and elderly dogs enjoy the comfort of these fleece all-in-one dog coats when used as dog pyjamas or dog jammies” Imagine how cute they would look with a Runball to play with wearing that.

These animal onesies just go to show what a versatile garment the onesie really is. We’ve always said they are practical as well as being fun and can be used around the house, at festivals and parties, for camping, as well as just sleepwear.

What’s next? A onesie for your hamster or rabbit – would that be a bunsie?