Surprise Onesie Event this Week

Surprise Onesie Event at Crufts

For some people there were 3 big events this week but most of you may have passed them by. From the sport of kings (horse racing) we have the Cheltenham Festival, we had the world’s most famous dog show, Crufts, in London and on March 17th some (the Irish mostly) will celebrate St Patrick’s Day. Just imagine how excited you would be this week if you were a dog loving, Irish, racing enthusiast. How on earth can we get a onesie event story out of that lot? Luckily at Crufts, they are all barking mad. Did you know that Charles Cruft, the founder of the dog show, was a dog biscuit salesman…..and marketing genius to get all his customers in one place. Now of course, dog breeding is big business and to look after their little treasures, owners can get dog onesies to keep them in show condition. In the image above the owner needs our Harlequin funzee so they could be a matching couple.  An even more bizarre onesie event was the report that there is now a Kevlar dog onesie so that Fido can go motor biking with you.

Not to be out done by Crufts in dressing animals up, the bookies William Hill sponsored the production of a harris tweed suit for a racehorse. It took four weeks and nearly 18 metres of fabric from Scotland to create and, not surprisingly, is the world’s first, and possibly last, tailored horse suit. After these stories we better have something more sensible to report for St Patricks Day, although with all the parades in Ireland, America and elsewhere I bet it’s a onesie event somewhere but we haven’t found the pics yet.  How about this to make the Scots green with envy. The word whiskey is derived from the gaelic ‘Uisge Beatha’, meaning water of life. Many nations have a white spirit known as “eau de vie”. You may think that whiskey originated in Scotland but historical facts point otherwise, suggesting it was originally distilled in Ireland. Irish monks are reported to have learned the secrets of perfume distillation in the Far East and built upon this knowledge to craft a drinkable product around the year 1000. If you can find any of that it will be well aged by now.