Sleepwear blurs with loungewear

Wild Funzee - Adult Onesie Pyjamas

Four years ago we wrote an article about how in the future we would all be wearing pyjamas as loungwear.  Now finally the fashionistas have caught up with Funzee as the line between sleepwear and daywear blurs. Debenhams, the High Street retailer, has just reported a 34 per cent rise in sleepwear sales compared to last summer. “Once reserved solely for the bedroom – pyjamas, now commonly referred to as ‘loungewear’ have made the transition into daywear” commented Ms Singleton, a spokesperson for Debenhams. She added: “as nightwear becomes more trend lead, many shoppers see it as a shame to resign it solely to the bedroom. We are already expecting the trend to continue way into the Christmas party season and have a number of styles that we predict to be popular.’

Stella McCartney has always been a fan, as revealed in her Pre-Spring 2015 collection at a secret garden party in New York, which prompted the Handbag website to report “Spring 2015 is set to be the season of jumpsuits.” Pyjama looks have been spotted on several celebrities including Cheryl Cole, Rita Ora and Rihanna who have all gone for onesie jumpsuit looks. So how about a classy, timeless leopard spot print for your next visit to Waitrose?