Retro Onesies making a comeback

Ski in Retro Onesies and Animal Onesies

A trend of seeking out and skiing in goofy vintage clothing — including gaudy one-piece ski suits from the ’80s — has hit ski areas across the Western USA. For example GetOutfitted will rent you a retro suit for $25 a day. The company has purchased “eccentric onesies” from thrift shops in Aspen, Vail, and Park City. “When we realized the collection had grown to a whopping 22+ onesies, we brought up the idea of adding them to the rental platform,” noted the brand. The onesies were in mint condition, exceptionally warm, and irresistibly fun to wear “so why not prolong their landfill-doom by offering them a few last runs?…The glory of the onesie, in terms of its warmth and convenience, was something I knew that the world needed,” vice president of sales and marketing Mike Mueller. There was also a Retro onesies theme to Aspen Gay Ski Week, where they seem to be worn more as thermal underwear. The Daily Telegraph went on a rant about the inappropriateness of wearing animal onesies on the piste, and how you can’t avoid people wearing onesies at apres-ski events, but they did finish up with this helpful conclusion: As more and more people dress whacky, we should look to the wisdom of Ozzy Osbourne, when his daughter Kelly argued that she wanted a tattoo to express her individuality: “If you want to be an individual, don’t get a tattoo. Every bugger’s got one these days”. The Tatler continued the debate by bringing us 12 occasions when its OK to wear pyjamas in public.

On the subject of Retro Onesies, you may have noticed that Zoolander is back in our cinemas with a sequel to the spoof about super models in the fashion industry. For a couple of years now we have wanted to produce a penguin print adult onesie on pale blue background just like the one featured in the original Zoolander. This would be in cotton, probably hooded but not footed. Perhaps we’ll try and crowdfund the development to see if there is any interest in it from the general onesie buying public.