Pyjamas in Public or Private Pyjamas?

Inappropriate Pyjamas in public

Last week we reported on the trend of pyjama fashion but one of the downsides to this may be that some people think it’s OK to wear their normal pyjamas in public. This week the Telegraph reported that luxury pyjamas are breaking out of bedrooms. From a fashion world that is expert at convincing people that they need to constantly extend their wardrobe, the previously overlooked category of what to wear for bed is now one of the fastest-growing sectors. Selfridges has increased the shop’s buy of posh pyjamas by 20 per cent, and now has more than 130 options. Now, if you have paid £200-£300 for a tasteful silk ensemble it’s probably acceptable to wear them down the pub, but please not in your cheap, polyester from Primark. In some areas of the country, Tesco has been forced put up a dress code notice to make it clear that pyjamas are not acceptable for shoppers to wear. And it is becoming a worldwide problem. Local press in Cape Town have reported on the growing trend for pyjamas in public. When interviewing locals, Mitchells Plain resident Sheila Thomas, said wearing your pyjamas during the day is “disgusting”. She also lamented that this new trend is becoming a common sight. “It’s really disgusting to see adults doing this. And it’s done by us women. A night dress is meant to be worn at home but some even go out shopping like that. You can’t come visit me with a gown or night dress, it’s like wearing just a bra and a panty in public.” There was more public outrage in Vietnam recently. At a session of the Da Nang Council in July, local authorities discussed tourism development with the head of Tourism saying that the city has received a lot of compliments for its beautiful, clean beaches. However, he also reported that tourists have complained about many Vietnamese people wearing sleepwear to the beach “instead of bikinis,” and wondered if there should be a regulation to ban pyjamas in public on the beach.

And talking of pyjamas in public, pictured is a pair you might want to think twice about. A woman told the daily mirror about a pair of cheap leopard print pyjamas she bought from High Street chain Peacocks.  They amusingly feature the word ‘Animal’ on the waistband and offer wearers the chance to ”unleash their inner wild side.” But even more amusingly, her partner spotted the manufacturers had tightened up the waistline at the back causing the letters ‘i’ and ‘m’ on the ‘Animal’ lable to be hidden. Peacocks commented that they will get to the bottom of this. If you are looking for pyjamas in public best to stick with our Wild leopard spot onesie pyjamas.