Onesies Down Under

Onesies down under

The popularity of onesies down under remains undimmed on the far side of the world. This week saw two stories which highlight how they are being used and abused. We all know the Aussies are laid back, but the Australian government immigration department issued an updated dress code to its civil servants, reminding them that “onesies, ugg-boots and thongs” are inappropriate whilst at work. The department said it has issued the new dress code to its staff because they have been turning up in increasingly casual attire. “There are certain things that wouldn’t constitute professional business dress and that would be things like jeans, thongs [or flip-flops], ugg boots and so on,” senior department official Jan Dorrington told a parliamentary committee. Her boss, Mike Pezzullo departmental secretary, said he was asked to rule on whether “onesies” could be worn at work – he had not previously been familiar with the term in relation to adult clothing. “At one point Ms Dorrington came to me with a number of matters that had arisen and I was asked to, if you like, rule or make a determination around something called the wearing of onesies,” he said. “I didn’t even know what a onesie was until I was shown pictures.” Mr Pezzullo said the rules were designed to encourage “basic professionalism”. Remember when going through immigration in Australia you may be asked “Do you have a criminal record” and you must not answer, “I didn’t know I still needed one”.

On the positive side, Oz Channel V presenter Danny Clayton is raising awareness and funds for endangered species for the World Wildlife Fund’s Wild Onesie week from June 1. The initiative aims to address serious conservation issues by encouraging Aussies to spend as much time in a colourful animal costume of their choice. Danny encourages animal onesies down under; “I want to see murders of crows, streaks of tigers and would especially love an embarrassment of pandas — that would be awesome,” Last year the WWF Onesie Week raised $115000 and they are hoping to beat that total in 2015. “People can get sponsored or challenge their mates to a best-dressed competition, there are so many ways to get involved.” If you want to support WWF, their official onesies are available to purchase or you can wait for the funzee animal onesies known as funzoos.