Is the Onesie party over?

Perfect onesie weather

Two interesting reports last week indicating either that the fashion for onesies is over or that onesies are the future.

A survey of over 4,000 people across the UK carried out on behalf of airline Monarch focused on the coming Ski season and found the following listed as the worst crimes of fashion to be seen in on the slopes:

Jeans (31%), Onesie (16%), Tracksuit (15%), Bum bags (7%), Lycra (6%),

So I guess that means our Lycra onesies are not going to be a big hit – Alpine onesie is on hold.

On the other hand Enviromental Technology online reports that designers and innovators are looking at how the onesie might interact with its environment. “With pollution levels (and the popularity of the onesie) rising, the appearance of the polluted air purification onesie should come as little surprise.” Made in conjunction with Eindhoven University of Technology the “BB.Suit 2.0” features an integrated air quality sensor, which can scrutinise and map different levels of air pollution.

Wearable technology is at the cutting edge of clothing design and this prototype Suit is a onesie that includes a sensor able to measure the levels of carbon monoxide, liquid petroleum gas and methane in the air. Previously, the developers of the BB.Suit created a similar onesie garment equipped with a music library, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which was exhibited at SXSW in 2014. These ingenious creations hint that the onesie party is only just beginning. Increasingly, our clothing will perform a variety of tasks, some practical, others more entertainment-led. The BB.Suit was shown at Beijing Design Week and aims to improve the environment in which the wearer exists, literally cleansing the air in front of his or her nose (and we all know people who need that).

A few years ago we wrote an article on why onesies are the future and now it seems that the onesie will be the ideal garment to develop wearable technology.