Onesie Christmas Worldwide

Onesie Christmas - the onesie craze is spreading

Some reports suggest that onesies are now “so last year” here in England but there is still a huge demand especially around Christmas. There has always been a tradition of giving pyjamas at Christmas and onesies seem to have taken over with many retailers just bringing in a onesie range for the festive season so expect a onesie Christmas in your home. News this week that the onesie craze has spread. According to the South Wales Evening Post Swansea is the Welsh capital of the onesie. Last year Debenhams there sold more of the one piece pyjamas in the pre-Christmas period than any other of its stores in Wales, including 30 per cent more than Cardiff, and this year looks like beating that record. The department store manager, James Loxdale, said: “Last year we saw onesies flying off the shelves and it looks like they are going to be even more popular this year. Onesies are such a fantastic winter staple and a lovely way to warm up on a cold evening or weekend. Christmas-themed onesies are incredibly popular at the moment.”

But its not just in the UK where onesies are popular. The USA is the home of the adult onesie, though they tend to call them “footed pajamas”, and there is always strong demand throughout the Festive Season. Australia and New Zealand have gone onesie crazy this year so they will have a warm onesie Christmas, but now we read of an unlikely surge in demand in France. The home of chic style and high fashion, the capital of sartorial elegance, Paris seems to have picked up on the adult onesie.  The Evening Standard reports that according to the latest figures, shoppers in the French capital are snapping up adult romper suits. Debenhams says demand for adult-sized onesies in France is up 272 per cent from last year. The department store sells more of them online to French customers than to shoppers in any of its other overseas shipping destinations. Dasha Melyushkina, of Debenhams International, said: “When we analysed our overseas sales some of the results did come as a surprise. I must admit that France embracing the onesie — or perhaps that should be unesie — so wholeheartedly did cause a chuckle.” Nice to know that Funzee is on the leading edge of fashion.