Major summer festival season is upon us

Pug ready for Summer Festival

What a summer so far – hail, thunder, lightning, flash floods, but that won’t put us off enjoying ourselves. This summer festival season has something for everyone. Last week-end alone we had more sport than you would expect in a whole month – grand prix, test match cricket IPL 2018, international rugby, the Euros, Ascot. All that before Wimbledon or the Olympics even start. From sublime sport to regal royalty, as last week you could go to London and celebrate the Queen’s ninetieth birthday with a fly past, a flotilla on the Thames and a street party in The Mall. Does anyone doubt that London is the capital of the world? Music wise we had the Download Festival at Donnington with Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden amongst others. Soon we will have arguably the most famous festival in the world: Glastonbury has a fantastic line-up this year which includes Adele, Coldplay, Muse and New Order. And we have been promised tributes to Bowie, Lemmy and Prince.

For this festival season there is plenty of advice out there about where to go, what to wear and what to take with you.  The Telegraph reminded us that the big festivals are no longer for the kids. The average age of a festival attendee is 33 and for Glastonbury itself the average age is 36. Perhaps not surprising when a ticket costs £228 and they sell out immediately anyway. If you have never been then you better get on with it because Glastonbury may not be there much longer. The owners of the site and festival organisers are in talks with the Longleat estate in Wiltshire to move everything there in 2018 or 2019. Will it be the same? Glastonbury grew partly because of the New Age mystique. Plenty of locals will tell you it’s the centre of the universe and others believe King Arthur is buried there. From the biggest summer festival to the smallest. We saw this report that Hunter Wellington boots has created the world’s smallest festival, within a portable toilet, at its Regent Street store.