Halloween TV Favourites

TV Halloween - Red Devil from Scream Queens

This week, in time for Halloween TV, sees the arrival of new US TV series “Scream Queens”. Said to be inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer, this latest Horror series is set on a college campus for a series of gruesome murders. The show, which was previewed at this years Comic Con in San Diego, should make great Halloween TV and it got us thinking what else do we remember for Halloween TV. There have been some great US series like the original “The Twilight Zone” or the XFiles which would be great to see around Halloween. Or there is the British produced “Tales of the Unexpected” which was presented by writer Roald Dahl and usually had a sting in the tail.

Of course the Simpsons do a great job of Halloween TV specials, with their TreeHouse of Horror series. This is a regular classic broadcast around the end of October. And on the TV schedule will be the usual collection of old Dracula and Frankenstein films from Hammy House of Horror. Plus we will get the chance to view some newer classics such as Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Night of the Living Dead etc. For those of you who like this genre you might want to see Mark Gatiss presenting his History of Horror. You will know Mark the actor from Sherlock Holmes, Wolf Hall and others but he is also a big fan of horror movies. Another Halloween TV special was presented by Andy Hamilton, the comedy writer, in 2011 when he went on a Search for Satan. In 2012 we had a Derren Brown experience where some poor chap was led to believe that he had survived a zombie apocalypse in an effort to make him a better person. Those of you of more mature years may remember “Ghostwatch.” This horror mockumentary was broadcast on the 31st of October in 1992. The show purported to show real reporters investigating Poltergeist activity at a house in North London and it caused quite a stir with some viewers believing it be real. If you have any better suggestions for Halloween TV please let us know.