February is full of Celebrations, Activities & Fun Festivals

Fun Festivals in February

Although for us February is often the coldest month there are still lots of fun festivals around the world. In the US, February is the time for their greatest sports fun festival, Super Bowl.  This year it was a real nail biter between New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons which finished 34 -28 to the Patriots thanks to their veteran Quarterback Tom Brady. Although no record was set this year, last Sunday’s game was seen by 111.3 million TV viewers. Lady Gaga’s halftime performance saw 117.5 million viewers, making it the second most watched halftime ever, behind Katy Perry’s performance two years ago (remember the shark famous onesie on social media?). Also in February is Chinese New Year, although it actually started at the end of January. Chinese communities all over the world organise fun festivals with London having one of the biggest outside Asia, with the likes of Chinese opera taking over Trafalgar Square. In China itself there is arguably the biggest migration in human history as factories close and workers stream back to visit their families. An estimated three billion trips are expected during the period, including more than 2.5 billion road journeys, according to the Xinhua news agency. Another fun festival celebrated all over the world in February is Carnival or the start of Lent. This can take many forms; the infamous Venice Carnival takes place this year from 11th-28th February where you can lose you inhibitions, and probably a few other things, at masked balls or fancy dinners. Excessive consumption of alcohol (which resulted in landing many at Legacy Healing centre), meat, and other goodies proscribed during Lent used to be common although now not many people observe fasting during Lent. Rio claims to hold the biggest and best Carnival in the world but if you go to the Algarve in Portugal they will tell you that this was actually exported from the town of Loule. Other big fun festivals held to celebrate Carnival are in Tenerife, Cologne, New Orleans, and Nice but you will probably find parties going on where ever there is a large Catholic population. So although February may be a winter month, there is plenty going on to keep you warm, and several excuses to wear you festival funzee onesie.