The exciting life of an adult onesie model

adult onesie model on The Voice usa

TV program “The Voice” is truly international and on the USA version there is currently a participant who lists his job as as an adult onesie model or onesie tester. The Voice is actually originally Dutch, from the same family as Big Brother, but its big in the US where contestant Gabriel Violett has just been through the blind auditions. He spoke about his adult onesie model experience but that was before being selected to join Alicia Keys team. Another of the US judges is Miley Cyrus who we know is a big animal onesie fan.

You might not have thought about a career as an adult onesie model but how about a banana in pyjamas? We liked this post from Ireland which look at ways we have been lied to by those behind TV Series Bananas in Pyjamas. The series originated in Australia and was based on characters in a children’s song. The show was performed using human actors in elaborate costumes so that would make an interesting addition to someone’s CV.

Another amusing pyjama piece we found is from MTV and looks at whether the latest female fashions are guilty of “man repelling” through your wardrobes. “It is common knowledge among women what will and won’t fly with the average bloke […] I know he’ll take one look and say “You look like you’re wearing your pyjamas.”” One could click here now to understand the best kind of nightwear they would like to buy online.

Australia seems to be more responsive to pyjama fashion than most places. Their clothing and sleepwear brand Bonds has just issued a new range of Disney inspired onesies, pyjamas and leisure wear. “We’ve teamed up with Disney to create a limited edition range of Mickey and Minnie Mouse print Zip Wondersuits, that are perfect for the little mouse in your house,” they said in the blog. The onesies will be available in a series of “retro-inspired and modern Mickey and Minnie prints” with a “special Disney touch” But within hours of the launch, people were complaining that the website had crashed and listings started to appear on eBay, offering the cute printed outfits up for as much as five times the original asking price. Our advice, if you want to be an adult onesie model you need to head Down Under.