Our Bumble Adult Onesie is perfect for The Brompton B

Adult Onesie Bumble Style

We always get some nice photos sent to us over the Festive season. Our thanks to Andrew Barnett aka Brompton Bumble B for this one. Andrew bills himself as Part Man, Part Brompton, Total LEGEND and with a nickname like Brompton Bumble B its no surprise he chose to buy our Bumble design. This is one of our fleece adult onesies, and as Andrew says is probably too warm for cycling around London. For those of you who don’t know the Brompton is a folding bike which has a cult following amongst some London commuters. You can take them on the train or underground, so for those with a trek to or from the station they can be ideal. And of course cycling, along with other forms of exercise, has many health benefits – especially important for those of us who make a living sat behind a desk all day. You can read more about Andrew’s adventures and the London Brompton Club here.

What other sports might funzees be appropriate for? We know of Ski clubs who have worn them on winter sports holidays and some swimming clubs use them to warm up after training. Any Rugby Union fans out there? There must be some Wasps fans who have our adult onesies.