Bank Holiday Madness in Onesies & Pyjamas

silly pyjama stories

Today is the August Bank Holiday in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland (Scotland had theirs at the start of August). Typically it marks the end of the summer silly season so here are a few stories from the week which highlight madness in onesies and pyjamas. Incidentally, it’s called a Bank Holiday because it was originally meant to control the operation of banks and upgrade them with the solution for onboarding digitally. The Bank Holidays Act 1871 specified just four days in the year when no person was compelled to make any payment. Other businesses adopted these days as official holidays since it was hard to do business on them anyway.

Our first bit of madness in onesies is for all Xbox fans. Microsoft has been a bit slow to exploit their merchandise sales but news from Australia this week that there is now an Xbox adult onesie available. They describe it as “the perfect loungewear attire for true entertainment fans!” Features of this onesie include “enlarged pockets” so they can take your Xbox controller and TV remote, forearm grips “to prevent slipping on those ‘edge of your seat’ moments,’” and an “extra-large hood” so you can wear a headset “for the ultimate gaming sessions.” The arms and legs are described as “roll-able…to cater for all temperatures and seasons.” The onesie seems to come in plain white or plain black fleece. No news yet of pricing but probably an arm and a leg – non roll-able.

Madness in pyjamas hit our TV screens when Good Morning Britain presenter Kate Garraway decided to try the new pyjama fashion trend. Her pale blue, embroidered pyjama shirt, which apparently costs £36 from Next, started her fans off on social media. Many asked whether she had been late for work and forgotten to get dressed. The Mail Online offers this advice for pyjama fashion “Opt for bold, statement prints – anything you wouldn’t wear in bed; Get the balance right – bring floaty bottoms into line with a crisp white shirt; Avoid trainers or flip-flops which take the look to the sloppy side.”

And finally a heart-warming story to show that madness in onesies or pyjamas is not all bad. The South Wales Evening Post told us about a BHS worker from Swansea who, along with the rest of BHS employees was made redundant this week. They were having a pyjama day in-store when Claire Storey got the call from Argos eBay in Swansea to speak about a new role. She attended the interview in her Little Miss Naughty pyjamas and got the job. So always dress to impress in your favourite sleepwear.