Wizard Gown

We’d all like to do magic. Warlocks! We hear you cry. We love reading about wizards and witches, from Merlin to Harry Potter, with their wands and wizard gowns. We can’t give you the power to control the natural forces of the universe (not even Prof. Brian Cox can do that), but we can offer you a fun hooded dressing gown or robe to help you look the part.

Our wizard gown comes in 3 sizes. It’s magical, imperial, purple with black stars and moons; hooded of course, in fact more like a monk’s cowl, and with huge baggy sleeves. It’s a long dressing gown designed to reach to the floor. A fun dressing gown for men, ladies or teens. It’s belted to keep in your secrets, and has pockets where you can hide those spells. It’s made from heavy, high quality, soft Polar fleece so it’s warm, cosy, and easily washed. What will you produce from Beneath the Wizard’s gown?

You can use it as a bathrobe, house coat, fleece wrap, or an unusual dressing gown; for dressing up, dressing down, or fancy dress; wear it to parties or festivals or for those important Quidditch tournaments. Makes a unique gift for wizard fans of all ages and is great party wear. This robe could make a great wizard or witch Halloween costume. Makes practical wizard robes for Harry Potter fans and your boyfriend or girlfriend would love to add this magic gown to their nightwear; wear it over your adult onesie. A wizard adult onesie using the same fleece fabric is coming soon.

Work your magic in our wizard robe or throw a Halloween party; like all funzee loungewear its only available online. Look at the image gallery below.

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