Penguin Onesie – just Chill Out


This Penguin Onesie costume is made from glossy soft black fleece with a white tummy. The face has cute eyes and a big yellow beak. There is a tiny tail at the back. It buttons up the front but also has a rear zipper.

This penguin onesie suit will make people laugh and will get you noticed so it’s great for charity fundraisers and corporate events.

Sizing is easy. We have 2 sizes and to choose the right one just base it on the height of the wearer.
Choose Medium for height 5ft 2 – 5ft 7.
Choose Large for height 5ft 8 to 6ft 1

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All you Antarctic explorers and Penguin fans will love our Penguin Onesie for Adults. Its made from soft, warm fleece so can keep you warm as toast. It has black and white plumage and a big yellow beak. Aha you are probably thinking, aren’t penguins only found in the Great Southern Ocean. Normally yes, but they also come out for parties, and festivals. The smallest penguin species currently in the world is the fairy penguin, which stands just 16 inches tall and weighs only 2.2 pounds. Where as the Emperor Penguin is a big beast. But our Penguin Onesie comes in two sizes which can fit most people, men or women, so just choose based on your height. We deliver from a UK warehouse and we use the speed and convenience of Royal Mail as standard so if it starts to freeze over we can get you this Penguin Animal Adult Onesie in just a few days. We know that many of you are Penguin fans, may be not Batman, but sure we all love the way they waddle and slip on the ice. Then as soon as they get in that icy water they become like little super charged torpedoes, swimming around at amazing speeds to catch themselves a fish supper. You don’t have to be that manic – just chill out in our cute Penguin Onesie.


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