Onesies for Men and Women by Funzee UK

In the UK we thought we would start making onesies for men and women back in 2008. Our first creation back in the early days was a light blue onesie with poppers (or snaps) which was loosely based on cowboy long johns. In fact we were probably the first company to make these sort of garments  available online in the UK. We were looking to buy one as a present at a reasonable price but the only ones we could find were being shipped from the US, the spiritual home of the adult onesie, and they wanted $30 for shipping alone. Funzee was born out of a desire to make amusing adult onesies UK style and we still want our garments to be fun. We don’t consider onesies to be designer fashion; but they are amusing, versatile and practical. So a funny onesie makes a great gift for men in our larger sizes or for women in smaller sizes. Check out which are the best onesies for you by seeing our full range and see which size of fun (zee) one (sie) would suit your man or woman by checking our sizing information. If you have any ideas for an amusing onesie please let us know, we read all your feedback and it really does influence what we develop next. Most of our designs have come from ideas floated by our customers and we try and bring in new ideas each year. Next up we are thinking of Penguin print onesies for men, a red and white stripe one with a where’s wally feel, and a cotton harlequin onesie which should be great for carnivals and festive occasions.