A Real Adult Onesie

Onesie with what looks like penis printed on it

When we started making our onesies for adults back in 2008, we had to think what to call them – rompers for grown-ups, allinone sleepsuits, footed pajamas, etc. Of course the obvious was adult onesies but if you search for anything on the internet including “adult” you can get a shock. Here is a story of how retailer Next put the adult in onesie.

A customer had been given the “Washing Line” design onesie as a present for his baby and was happily bottle feeding her when he noticed what looked like a drawing of a penis on the trousers. He called his wife over, “At first I thought it must just be a mistake,” she said “But I looked and there are lots of different ones all over it…We just thought it was a cute, nice baby grow with washing line with clothes and socks on it, but then we saw this. Once you notice it, it is unmistakeable.”

Next admitted a drawing of a jumper hanging over a washing line on the outfit looked like a penis but said it was the result of a miss-print. The company confirmed it had received another complaint over the clothing and decided to remove it from sale. ‘This is an innocent mistake that had not been picked up in the approval process,’ a statement from Next said. In other words a cock-up.

So far, we can confirm that Funzee have no plans to include genitalia on any of their onesie designs.