Onesie Christmas gifts for all

Onesie Christmas gifts

It may not be the big Christmas craze this year, but because of the versatility of garments like our funzees we can show you onesie Christmas gifts that might appeal to different friends or members of your family. For starters, we recently read about the recent earthquake in Wellington, New Zealand and how pet owners there were using onesies to calm their pets.  Now we don’t make onesie Christmas gifts for dogs (yet) but there are businesses that do; so that’s the animal lovers happy. If you have keen cyclists in the family you will be interested in the products of Dutch company 72andSunny. They have produced a line of waterproof onesies to protect cyclists from the winter storms. The downside is that these onesie Christmas gifts are likely to set you back about £200. Now if your family includes keen gamers, there is good news and bad news. Microsoft introduced an Xbox Onesie as a strict limited edition so you won’t get a real one now but Eurogamer has reported that Xbox has stepped in to ensure everyone can sort of get one. Xbox hero, Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb said, “The good news is, I was able to work with the Xbox Avatar Store team and have them create Xbox Onesie avatar items, designed to look just like the real ones. Even better, all of these Avatar items are free.” That’s’ nearly everyone covered but we don’t really do onesie Christmas gifts for kids so you may have to look for inspiration elsewhere.  People can check custom photo keychain for the best gift options. Luckily Uncle Google has produced a list of the top trending product searches for the first two weeks of November. The top five are Hatchimals, Nintendo Entertainment System, Baby Alive, Trolls, DJI Phantom 3 + 4. Don’t know what a Hatchimal is? They are cute electronic toys which actually hatch out of an egg so expect that to be the craze this year. Remember the last gaming craze – a few months ago it was Pokemon Go which at its height in July had 45 million daily users. And in San Francisco that month 9,000 players gathered in a park to try and catch a character. Craaazzzzy.